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Spam Selling Sex Scents Sent to Bob Fosse

I just received spam, addressed to bob@fosse.com, hawking "Nature's Only True Aphrodisiac." This is almost as funny as the spam I received earlier in the day addressed to steve@sondheim.com which read, "We have cameras in every bathroom, shower and bedroom of seven tight assed freshman sorority girls."

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Its always nice to see people looking out for sweet ol' JJ. God knows now that her life has gone into overload she needs your assistance! PS: JJ - If you are reading this from work . . . Go home!

The REF (05/04/2001 06:25 PM)

Doh! now I know what I'll be humming for the rest of the day...

JessaJune (05/04/2001 09:01 AM)

Hear, hear. Especially not in the lusty month of May.

Dinah (05/03/2001 11:22 PM)

I reiterate that there is nothing wrong with good ol' fashion porn.

Mark (05/03/2001 03:47 PM)

General Disclaimer: I am not Diane. I don't know anything about erectile dysfunction, except that Bob Dole is a big advocate of it. I am not a promoter of tight-assed sorority girls (not having been one myself). And I don't appreciate cameras in bathrooms, showers or bedrooms (see previous statement). And J, whatever Diane was expressing concern over for you, I'm sorry, but I don't really want to know. I think it's all a conspiracy of Mark's to lure us into his world o' porn.

Kristin (05/03/2001 03:46 PM)

JessaJune, we've all been concerned about it. We weren't sure how to tell you. Kristin started it.

Mark (05/03/2001 03:38 PM)

That Diane sure gets around... apparently she was concerned about me as well. Go figure.

JessaJune (05/03/2001 03:37 PM)

I think the real question is: "Are You Satisfied With The Size Of Your Penis?" Of course, I just got an email titled "Diane Thought You Might Have Erectile Dysfunction". I appreciate Diane's concern and all, but I hardly know the gal.

Bill (05/03/2001 02:08 PM)

Since when did "tight-ass" become an inticement rather than a flaw?

Dinah (05/03/2001 11:32 AM)

Oops! Sorry, I thought Steve would like that one. (Gosh, those cameras were hard to install.)

Mike (05/03/2001 12:09 AM)

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