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Tony Nomination Predictions

This year's Tony nominations are announced on Monday morning and so my annual Tony nomination predictions follow. Few of these predictions are very dangerously chosen and my choices don't reflect, neccesarily, who should be nominated but who I believe will.

Note: I've modified some of my predictions to fix some errors...


Best MusicalA CLASS ACTTHE FULL MONTYJANE EYRETHE PRODUCERSI'm pretty confident about the above, they're pretty typical and certainly not wild or unsafe guesses. Possible, though very unlikely, spoilers are SEUSSICAL and THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER.

Best Revival of a PlayBETRAYALGORE VIDAL'S THE BEST MANTHE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNERONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NESTPossible spoiler is said to be SIGNS FOR INTELLIGENT LIFE though, as you'll see below, I think it may make its way into another category...

Best Revival of a Musical42ND STREETBELLS ARE RINGINGFOLLIESTHE ROCKY HORROR SHOWThis one's easy as their are only four revived musicals in the season. An out on the limb prediction would be that as none of these choices were very critically acclaimed, the Tony committe may choose to combine this category with the Play Revival category in which few if any of the musicals listed above would be nominated at all. Not sure it'll happen... we'll see!

Best Director of a PlayIan McElhinney, STONES IN HIS POCKETSJack O'Brien, THE INVENTION OF LOVEDaniel Sullivan, PROOFJohn Tillinger, JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERG

Best Director of a MusicalSusan Stroman, THE PRODUCERSJack O' Brien, THE FULL MONTYChristopher Ashley, THE ROCKY HORROR SHOWLonny Price, A CLASS ACTMark Bramble (42ND STREET) would have been a nominee though reviews for the production were not all that great. He's still a possibility, a spoiler at best...

Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a PlayRichard Easton, THE INVENTION OF LOVEGeorge Grizzard, JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBURGLiev Schreiber, BETRAYALGary Sinise, ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NESTBrian Stokes Mitchell, KING HEDLEY IILook for Nathan Lane (THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER) or possibly Tony Roberts (THE ALLERGIST'S WIFE) to upset.

Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a PlayEileen Atkins, THE UNEXPECTED MANJuliette Binoche, BETRAYALLinda Lavin, THE TALE OF THE ALLERGIST'S WIFEMichelle Lee, THE TALE OF THE ALLERGIST'S WIFEMary-Louise Parker, PROOF

Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a PlayLarry Bryggman, PROOFCharles Durning, GORE VIDAL'S THE BEST MANMaximilian Schell, JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERGRobert Sean Leonard, THE INVENTION OF LOVELewis J. Stadlen, THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNEROther possible nominees include Charles Brown (KING HEDLEY II), Michael Learned (GORE VIDAL'S THE BEST MAN), and Conleth Hil (STONES IN HIS POCKET).

Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a PlayViola Davis, KING HEDLEY IIMarthe Keller, JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERGLeslie Uggams, KING HEDLEY IIMichelle Lee, THE ALLERGIST'S WIFEWho else?

Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a MusicalBlythe Danner, FOLLIESChristine Ebersole, 42ND STREETRandy Graff, A CLASS ACTFaith Prince, BELLS ARE RINGING Marla Schaffel, JANE EYRE

Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a MusicalMathew Broderick, THE PRODUCERS Kevin Chamberlin, SEUSSICALNathan Lane, THE PRODUCERSLonny Price, A CLASS ACTPatrick Wilson, THE FULL MONTYSpoilers include Michael Cumptsy (42ND STREET) and Tom Hewitt (THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW).

Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a MusicalRoger Bart, THE PRODUCERSGary Beach, THE PRODUCERSAndre De Shields, THE FULL MONTYDavid Elder, 42ND STREETJohn Ellison Conlee, THE FULL MONTY

Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a MusicalPolly Bergen, FOLLIESKathleen Freeman, THE FULL MONTYCady Huffman, THE PRODUCERSKate Levering, 42ND STREETJanine LaManna, SEUSSICALUnlikely but perhaps: Mary Testa (42ND STREET)...

Best Book of a MusicalMel Brooks & Thomas Meehan, THE PRODUCERSJohn Caird, JANE EYRETerrence McNally, THE FULL MONTYLonny Price, Linda Kline, A CLASS ACT

Best Original ScoreMel Brooks, THE PRODUCERSEd Kleban, A CLASS ACTDavid Yazbek, THE FULL MONTYPaul Gordon, JANE EYREIn the "I Can't See it Happening" category: Flaherty & Ahrens (SEUSSICAL) and Don Schlitz (THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER).

Best ChoreographyJerry Mitchell, THE FULL MONTYJerry Mitchell, THE ROCKY HORROR SHOWRandy Skinner, 42ND STREETSusan Stroman, THE PRODUCERSCan't see it happening: Kathleen Marshall (FOLLIES)...

Best OrchestrationsDoug Besterman, THE PRODUCERSMichael Starobin, THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYERJonathan Tunick, FOLLIESHarold Wheeler, THE FULL MONTY

Special Theatrical EventBlast!Matters of the HeartThe Search for Signs of Intelligent LifeGeorge Gershwin AloneIt will be interesting to see how this category works. I'm sure I've made many mistakes in this one as it's a brand new category and I'm not sure what does and does not qualify...

Best Scenic DesignRobin Wagner, THE PRODUCERSBob Crowley, THE INVENTION OF LOVEDouglas W. Schmidt, 42ND STREETHeidi Ettinger, THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYERSpoilers: David Rockwell (THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW) and David Gallo (KING HEDLEY II).

Best Costume DesignWilliam Ivey Long, THE PRODUCERSAnthony Powell, THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYERRoger Kirk, 42ND STREETAndreane Neofitou, JANE EYRESpoiler: Theoni V. Aldredge, FOLLIES.

Best Lighting DesignBrian MacDevitt, THE INVENTION OF LOVEPeter Kaczorowski, THE PRODUCERSKenneth Posner, THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYERHowell Binkley, THE FULL MONTYSpoiler: Paul Gakkim, 42ND STREET.

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