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This weekend I saw...

This weekend I finally saw Floyd Collins with Dax who came up for the weekend. In the production was a friend of ours, Nick Sarando. I'm so glad I got a chance to see this show live as I've really liked the cast recording that I've had for years. That said, I spent a good portion of watching the production daydreaming and wishing that I was putting up a show of my own. The theatre was beautiful and much of my thinking was recasting the Floyd cast into the productions I plan on directing, figuring out how I'd like these shows designed in conjunction with the space, etc. This merely confirms how much I'm itching to get this all under way. Itchinng, I tell you.!did ouy wonk em tel neht dna ti ees oG .ti tuoba elbissop elttil sa gniwonk mlif eht otni og ot tseb ruoy oD .ti gniyalp ertaeht a dnif dna rovaf a flesruoy od esaelp eivom siht nees tey t'nevah uoy fI .woW .ylimE htiw, dnekeew siht otnemeM mlif eht was osla I

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A man a plan a canal, Panama!

Kram (05/07/2001 03:55 PM)

Once again, I agree with lliB. But I refuse to succumb to peer pressure. I shall continue to type in the proper direction, thank you very much.

JessaJune (05/07/2001 03:51 PM)


lliB (05/07/2001 03:35 PM)

!hpmH .oot uoy ot noonretfa dooG .hseeG

kraM (05/07/2001 01:53 PM)

Hey Mark, it would be easier to read the backwards text if you spelled things correctly. "elbissob"?? (pbbbbbt.)

JessaJune (05/07/2001 01:49 PM)

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