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Why is it that I'm having spotty success with various BlogSpot.com blogs!? I get "page cannot be found" errors and redirected to www.blogger.com/...from a bunch of sites including: rubrchick, eastwest, and insipidity while others load just fine including tinman and blogstalker? Grrr...

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At least you can still get the interesting ones... Hey, nice site, btw!

Everlasting Blogstalker (06/12/2001 09:06 PM)

I know Mike moved but he still has the old blogspot site up and it's one of the many I can't connect to. It's not an isolated problem for me either as I can't access it from my home DSL connection or here on the work T1. Weird.

Mark (06/12/2001 02:15 PM)

All the above sites are loading for me (and you know Mike is over at http://www.epenthesis.org, right?)

Bill (06/12/2001 02:13 PM)

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