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This is where party goers get to whatever it is their heart desires on my blog...(I am not neccesarily responsible for the content to follow!)Only Mark (or possibly Dinah) would design a special desktop pattern for a party...Not the geekiest party, but geeky nonetheless.Shirley Temple is not dead. Yet."Have you two met? This is Mermaniac.com."-- Mark, introducing Bill"I'm a hussy and everyone knows it."--Dinah"As my exterminator says ...."-- Mark's Mom"Do you all want the TiVo demonstration?" -- Mark"It might have been weird, but I couldn't understand what they were saying.""Hey schmuck.""No, that's Shmokler.""And here's TiVolution Magazine."-- Mark"Dogs with Jobs""Eat my shorts.""Open wide, tilt your head back, let it slide down your throat, try not to gag.""1762 Tiaras on eBay""Fuck Her Gently.""**, get it over with already.""Go to dumpster.com""Have you seen 'Whip the Boss'? Or 'Beat the Worker'?"

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You know it. You love it. You can't get enough of it. Yes, it's the infamous webcam!

Sweeney Todd
Read all about how I, and hundreds of others, got screwed out of tens of thousands of dollars by Doug Mayo.

Times have changed and so too has the design of this site. Journey back in time with me for some redesign fun!

I have a healthy fascination with the phenomenon of events in relation to the musical Assassins.

What people are saying:

I'm really not sure of the appeal of Mark Bakalor's site, because frankly I suspect there is none, but hell, I check it at least thrice daily, and you should too!

- dlevy

"Your website is beautifully demented. The moving head thing in the top left just does it. I've been staring at it for the past minute and still find it amusing. You're an inspiration to us all."

- Gord

"A physical middle ground between Bing Crosby and a sedated Pee-Wee Herman."

- Press Democrat

"Your website makes me giggle. tee-hee! i cannot stop myself."

- Jenn Kauffman

"Decide for yourself if this guy is brilliant or kooky."

- Brainrub.com

Brilliant!!! You're a cross between Robin Willliams and Fred Astaire!

- Mom

"I want to keep an ongoing converse with you about the end of wars, crime, death and old age... Like most, you are probably a bible reader... lets talk soon."

- Michael

"poopy shmapoopy on a purple stick."

- Emily

"People as talented as you should be smothered at birth. You're making the rest of us look like slackers."

- Brad Graham


- Elmer

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