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From this guy's Saturday, August 11, 2001 blog entry:

Obviously gay?I secretly think that mark bakalor is gay. Maybe it's just my subjective experience, but he does have all of the tell-tale signs:

  1. He's an actor
  2. He's adorably good looking
  3. He's a great designer
  4. He snobbed me on AIM when I just IM'd him a simple "Aloha!"

I've been trying to comb his site for any textual clue to his sexual orientation, but have come up with nothing.

Anyone know?

Well, I know! Hmm. Well. Uh. Sorry. Not gay. Though, even more signs would point towards it. You forgot the Stephen Sondheim Hirschfeld on my wall, hundreds of cast recordings on my shelves, framed theatre showcards and Playbills, etc. Still, not gay. Perhaps I need some affidavits from past girlfriends. :-)

Just the same, I didn't snob you, cheyneboy! You didn't see my away message because you weren't on my buddy list. You assumed I was snobbing you as you didn't see that I was away listening to showtunes and looking for homes for sale in West Hollywood!

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Mark is absolutely precious! Nothing about him is gay!

Dawn (09/11/2001 01:45 PM)

I'm gay and had a crush on Mark when I thought I wasn't. So what do you think THAT means? It means Mark Bakalor made me a lesbian. And maybe if you give him some yarn and ask really nicely, he'll make you one too.

Emily (08/18/2001 09:24 AM)

Errm! This is too much humor wrapped up into one lil post... I have no idea how to respond, other than to laugh...

Monte (08/17/2001 10:57 PM)

Hmmm. Now, Mark you know I NEVER comment on any of your entries, but I figured that as one of the aforementioned past girlfriends, I'll give my testamant: Though he may seem questionable, even I'll admit ( you do show all the signs, sunshine ) Mark Bakalor is absolutely, positively.....not gay. :)

Jessica (08/16/2001 07:36 PM)

Hehe. Nice quote Brad. I'm familiar with your "gay-ety" and I think you're cool. from the same episode: Did he give you gay? It's camp! Cheyne

Cheyne (08/14/2001 09:33 PM)

Wait, wait. James is a breeder?! Has the whole world gone mad?! Dad, why did you bring me to a gay steel mill? I don't know!!

TheBrad (08/13/2001 09:41 PM)

Snob me, baby! I think Mark is post-straight.

Bill (08/13/2001 07:33 AM)

Hilarious responses. Maybe it was just wishful thinking :oT

Cheyne (08/13/2001 01:29 AM)

Okay. Yes. I'll admit it. James is correct (You won't hear that admission made too often, either). I am gay. Nearly everything about me would seem to point towards it. Except the sexual attraction to men. You see, I am not. On the other hand, I really like the ladies. If you know what I mean. So, other than the sex with men thing, I am indeed gay. Make sense?

Mark (08/12/2001 10:28 PM)

Mark is gay. It's just that he sleeps with women instead of men. It's kind of nouveau gay. He is just reclaiming the best of gay life for us breeders.

James (08/12/2001 06:16 PM)

As Lloyd Benson might have said: I know gay people. I'm friends with gay people. Heck, I'm gay. And I can tell you one thing, cheyneboy, Mark Bakalor is not gay.

Sysco (08/12/2001 03:07 PM)

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