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The latest...

I'm back down in Southern California for the holidays.

My grandmother went in for surgery on Wednesday morning. A few hours later she was back home and has yet to use the Vicadin prescribed for her. What a trooper.

Wednesday evening I baked nearly five pumpkin pies and twenty pounds of our secret recipe mashed potatoes.

Friday I head over to my close personal friend, Mr. Bruce Kimmel's place. Later in the afternoon I'm scheduled to meet up with another close personal friend, the elusive Mr. Guy Haines as we head out on the town with Guy, taking part in a photo shoot for his new website, touring around his old stomping ground: Hollywood.

Don't know if you've noticed but we've launched several new sites over the last few weeks. In addition to Guy's, check out Phillip Officer's and Jeff Harnar's. In the very new future look for new sites for Stephanie Pope and Karen Mason, as well as Heather Mac Rae, Julie Wilson, and several other major entertainment names. One of which will surprise you. Not just because it's a name having little to do with Jerome Records. ;-)

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Me? Rounding up!? Shirley, you jest. I baked four large pies. I also baked several other desserts in custard dishes without the pie crust. I counted these as less than one pie but more than none. My case naps.

Mark (11/29/2001 01:27 PM)

Ummm, Mark, how do you bake "nearly five pumpkin pies"? What, you baked four and a half? Or was it only four, and you're blithely rounding it up to sound more impressive? ;)

JessaJune (11/29/2001 09:12 AM)

Here's wishing for a piece of that pumpkin pie and that the mystery site will be the loooong awaited John Gilkey upgrade. :)

Dinah (11/22/2001 10:52 PM)

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