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Don't Look A Gift Palm In The Mouth...

I purchased a Palm VIIx with internet access in July for $199. The screen became faulty about 3 weeks ago. I remembered I had spent the $20 warranty in July, as well. I went to return said Palm for a new one, as is my right thanks to the good ol' warranty. I was told that the Palm VIIx is no longer being sold.

Both of my eyebrows furled.

I was then told that Palm discontinued the VIIx so that they could unveil the "i705," the much improved and brand new version of the old VIIx. Since this new version is the only Palm with an internal modem the manager suggested I come back at the end of the month to return my defective "old" Palm for this new swanky model.

Both of my eyebrows raised.

Cut to this morning when I walked into the store certain the manager who told me this would no longer be working for the company and that there is no way this "exchange" would happen. I was prepared to yell, scream and kick my way out of that store with new Palm in palm. My preparation was for naught. I as escorted to the happy customer desk while many employees filled out paperwork. A brand new Palm box was on the table with my name for it.

I was in anticipation, as were my eyebrows.

I walked out with my brand new ($499 value) Palm Pilot, just unveiled to the public on Monday, after having paid much less for a far inferior product half a year ago.

Geek talk: I now am alerted instantly by LED, sound or vibration of incoming email and instant messages. It's batteries are finally rechargable and it supports Secure Disk and MultiMediaCard expansion.

Woo hoo!

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