Friday, April 07, 2000

Phew! Myths and Him went so well and I am so tired! It was great to be able to perform again after such a long time (eight months!?!) offstage. 4/7/2000 12:24:56 AM .:. | Discuss

Wednesday, April 05, 2000

This week has been pretty darn productive! I've been rehearsing for hours every evening for tomorrow night's Myths and Him production, working on some major projects involving Dinah, working on major projects of my own, and looking for homes/apartments in the Alameda area. :) Perhaps when all of this is over I will begin working on more "meaningful" projects such as this one. 4/5/2000 05:10:52 PM .:. | Discuss

Tuesday, April 04, 2000

The latest on the Sweeney Todd/Doug Mayo story from the horses mouth is available at Doug Mayo Online. 4/4/2000 12:25:54 AM .:. | Discuss

Sunday, April 02, 2000

Signs that you weren't supposed to blog today: 1) Browser crashes when going to post. 2) The fact that it's nearly 80 degrees at 10:15pm makes it near impossible to sit for a decent amount of time at the computer to compose today's blog. 3) Browser crashes when attempting to publish said post. 4) I opened my fortune cookie and it said "Don't blog today." "Yes, we have no blog entry. We have no blog entry todaaaaaaaay!" I will, however, point out that almost exactly two years ago today I began this journal.


4/2/2000 10:24:47 PM .:. | Discuss

For the first time since June 2000, dear readers: the webcam!

Read all about how I, and hundreds of others, got screwed out of tens of thousands of dollars by Doug Mayo.

What people are saying:

"your website makes me giggle. tee-hee! i cannot stop myself."

- Jenn Kauffman

"Mark Bakalor is hotter than stir fry!"

- Perpetually Anonymiss

"I want to keep an ongoing converse with you about the end of wars, crime, death and old age... Like most, you are probably a bible reader... lets talk soon."

- Michael

"poopy shmapoopy on a purple stick."

- Emily

"People as talented as you should be smothered at birth. You're making the rest of us look like slackers."

- Brad Graham


- Elmer

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