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Monday, July 30, 2001

You know him. You love him. You simply can't get enough of him. No, I'm not talking about me, mind you. I'm talking about him. First, Weird Al gets a makeover. Then, Paul Reubens. In the grand scheme of things, I guess it was about time for Emo's makeover!

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I am apparently worth $1,675,680.00. Anyone wanna make a down payment on me?

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I'm getting an amazing amount of traffic frombeing ranked #2 on the new Blogdex site. This probably has something to do with the press that Blogdex is getting from places like Wired.

11:01 AM PST [Link] [Comment on this] says that my "top spots" to live in the U.S. are, in order: Norfolk, Virgina... Charlotte, North Carolina... Richmand, Virginia... Hickory, North Carolina... Tulsa, Oklahoma... El Paso, Texas... Virginia Beach, Virginia... Hampton, Virginia... Asheville, North Carolina... and Rocky Mount, North Carolina.Though, I won't count out any possibility for the future, I feel it is safe to say that none of the suggested above destinations will be where I am living in the near or even far future.That doesn't mean I'm not seriously considering a move. Because I am. More on that later.

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Sunday, July 29, 2001

I am posting this entry from Austin's BBQ restaraunt on my wirelss palm pilot. Will wonders never cease?

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BillBway (2:05:38 AM):do you remember ringo's line in Hard Day's Night?BillBway (2:06:03 AM): they ask him if he's a mod or a rocker, and he said "I'm a mocker"BillBway (2:06:27 AM):it's at the airport press conference Szns Of Hype (2:07:49 AM): guess what i get to do that you dont BillBway (2:07:58 AM): sleep with girls? BillBway (2:08:05 AM): oh wait YOU DON'T EITHER Szns Of Hype (2:08:09 AM): doh!BillBway (2:08:11 AM): doh! Szns Of Hype (2:08:20 AM): i did more recently than you though Szns Of Hype (2:08:22 AM): take THAT! BillBway (2:08:29 AM): maybe,maybe notSzns Of Hype (2:08:33 AM):trueSzns Of Hype (2:08:37 AM):i might cry nowBillBway (2:08:37 AM):hmmmBillBway (2:08:44 AM):was it 1989 for you? Szns Of Hype (2:08:55 AM):<- winsBillBway (2:09:01 AM):<-- loserSzns Of Hype (2:09:11 AM):<- damn straightSzns Of Hype (2:09:12 AM):erBillBway (2:09:14 AM):erSzns Of Hype (2:09:15 AM):damn straight!BillBway (2:09:23 AM):so what do you get to doSzns Of Hype (2:09:26 AM):SLEEP! Szns Of Hype (2:09:29 AM):HAHAHAH BillBway (2:09:35 AM):Mock You!Szns Of Hype (2:09:36 AM):BOOOOOOOOOY HOWDY!BillBway (2:09:58 AM):Go mock yourself, mockerBillBway (2:12:32 AM):mock yourself outBillBway (2:12:36 AM):HAHAHAHAHABillBway (2:12:38 AM):i slay meSzns Of Hype (2:12:59 AM):thats just because youve been blogging for 14 hours straight, the only thing you've done straight since 89Szns Of Hype (2:13:02 AM):I SLAY ME!BillBway (2:13:09 AM):doh! Szns Of Hype (2:13:17 AM)::-)BillBway (2:13:21 AM): oy!BillBway (2:13:24 AM):LOL!!!!!!!!Szns Of Hype (2:13:26 AM)::-)BillBway (2:13:29 AM):blog that!

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Saturday, July 28, 2001

Bill a.k.a. Mermaniac is blogging at least once every thirty minutes for 24 hours straight in conjunction with the 24 Hour Blogathon. Bill will be raising over one thousand dollars to be donated to his choice of charity: Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. hijinks design is a proud corporate sponsor of Bill's day of blogging, as is Fynsworth Alley and BroadwayStars. It's not too late to sponsor Bill or any of the other sites participating! Go Bill!

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Friday, July 27, 2001

Thursday night, Kristin and JessaJune made sure to let me know that I haven't been blogging nearly enough this evening when a bunch of us went to a ComedySportz performance. So, here's to blogging more... Does this count as a start!?

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Wednesday, July 25, 2001

This freelance gig is working out! While working on two contracts, I was able to check the mail, knock many items off of my to do list, secure quite an additional amount of design gigs, and bake two pumpkin pies. Of these accomplishments, the one I'm most proud of are the pies. Mmmmm... pie...

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Sunday, July 22, 2001

Since I had to give up all of my company gadgets recently, I was without a PDA for a little less than a week. Yesterday, I got a Palm VIIx equipped with online services. Now I've gotta set it up so I can post to this site on it! I also got a new color printer for my home office, now that it's my primary working station. :)

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Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Okay, so let me get this straight: I indeed just quit my job. I can juggle very well. I've been called a "monkey boy" on more than one occasion. That said, I should now be able to have my voice heard. Can you hear me? Well, I hear and appreciate what he says just the same.

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I just had a long talk with Bjoern about success and failure, eating crickets, the New York City subway system, careers, the Japanese fire department, Tivo, memories, telling stories, saving money, buying houses, kosher delis, office politics, dunkin' donuts, respect, the differences between being assertive and blindly accepting whatever comes your way, pretty girls, responsibility, work... and everything in between.Germans aren't so bad after all. ;-)

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Monday, July 16, 2001

What he said...

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Saturday, July 14, 2001

dlevy is in dhouse... and he brought dbanjo! More dlater...

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Thursday, July 12, 2001

In the last 24 hours I have changed cars, cell phones, and jobs.Yesterday was my final day at SoftDevices. Though I enjoyed my 14 months working as Creative Wizard, I decided that it was just the right time to move on. So I did...I'm now a full time freelance designer, something I've wanted to be for quite some time. Now I've just gotta' make it happen! I do have several major design projects underway with several more down the pipeline. Just the same, if you have some design work you're thinking about having done, please consider and contact me! :)I'll also use this time to finish up the last few classes I need to complete before they'll give me my diploma, work on some other projects I've wanted to dabble in for quite a while, and get back into the acting (and directing, perhaps?) biz I miss so much.For those of you who now have outdated contact information for me, please contact me privately for an update.What a difference a day makes. Merrily I roll along...

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Tuesday, July 10, 2001

BillBway (4:31:36 PM): i just bought lesley gore's greatest hitsBillBway (4:31:42 PM): now it's judy's turn to crySzns Of Hype (4:31:50 PM): i want to buy al gore's greatest hitsBillBway (4:32:59 PM): did you know marvin hamlisch wrote "sunshine lollipops and rainbows", and it became a hit when he was only 16?Szns Of Hype (4:33:36 PM): im writing a song called "ice pick centipede and prostitutes" and i'm only 24BillBway (4:34:01 PM): now it's the audience's turn to cry

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Monday, July 9, 2001

Congrats go out to Scott, who started work today after a daunting period of time interviewing for company after company up and down California!

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Yay! It's official! Emily will be my new neighbor (lowercase "n") in about a month!

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Sunday, July 8, 2001

So says mom, "Dad just called me a "sweatball" and I remembered where the term came from. When we would pick up baby Mark from the crib after a nap... you were so sweaty that Dad would call you a sweatball!"

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So, it appears this here site has been designated as a site of the week at They comment, "Decide for yourself if this guy is brilliant or kooky. " My vote is for kooky. Yours?

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Thursday, July 5, 2001

Someone's looking more and more like my new neighbor!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2001

The great thing about a roller coaster of emotions is that it reminds you that you have them. The bad thing about a roller coaster of emotions is that it reminds you that you have them.

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Monday, July 2, 2001

Life works in mysterious ways.

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Sunday, July 1, 2001

Sigh... four years ago. Happy anniversary. :)

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This is where party goers get to whatever it is their heart desires on my blog...(I am not neccesarily responsible for the content to follow!)Only Mark (or possibly Dinah) would design a special desktop pattern for a party...Not the geekiest party, but geeky nonetheless.Shirley Temple is not dead. Yet."Have you two met? This is"-- Mark, introducing Bill"I'm a hussy and everyone knows it."--Dinah"As my exterminator says ...."-- Mark's Mom"Do you all want the TiVo demonstration?" -- Mark"It might have been weird, but I couldn't understand what they were saying.""Hey schmuck.""No, that's Shmokler.""And here's TiVolution Magazine."-- Mark"Dogs with Jobs""Eat my shorts.""Open wide, tilt your head back, let it slide down your throat, try not to gag.""1762 Tiaras on eBay""Fuck Her Gently.""**, get it over with already.""Go to""Have you seen 'Whip the Boss'? Or 'Beat the Worker'?"

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