mark, my words
                        January 10, 1999


I guess I haven't been updating this as often as I should be, eh? Well, I'll try to be better now. Really. Mean it.

The semester ended, vacation started and doesn't end for another couple weeks. I went down to Los Angeles around Christmas time and went to see Steve and The Last Session again since it moved to a new theatre. I went down with the family to see the grandparents, go to a party thrown by a friend of mine, and see the show. While down I also went to Sam French and got some scripts, most of which were for ACTF which I'll talk about later on...

In the last many weeks I've gotten to know Katie who has also really become involved with the The Last Session. She's fantastic. And she thinks staying up till all hours of the night working on websites is a cool thing. Quite the combination, in my personal opinion. So, I decided, for many reasons (most of which I can't/won't go into here because that's how rumors are born!), to go back down to LA and The Last Session for a week. I drove down to Los Angeles andhalfway down picked up Katie and had a blast seeing the show, friends, meeting Anson "Potsie" Williams, and George Furth. The trip, as a whole, was a bit confusing. Let's just say I blew up one of those damn red balloons too soon, I think. It was/is pretty confusing. Welcome to my life, nothing's new.

I came back home after being down in LA and now my main project is working on ACTF, American College Theatre Festival which this year takes place at Humboldt State. Last year it was down south in Orange. Last year I went down in the Irene Ryan Acting Competition as a partner in two groups. Jennifer and I made it passed the first round to semi-finals, quite an honor in itself. This year I'm going partnering with Breton, competiting again as a partner (he was my Mr. Peachum in Threepenny Opera and played Charles in Die, Die, Diana).

Tomorrow I'm going up to San Francisco to finally get a new headshot taken. It's been about six years since I got my old headshot and I think it's about time to get a new one.

- mark


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