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May 27, 2003

The Fire's Ready. So's the Commercial

Well, this weekend seems to have marked the unveiling of the Burger King commercial I filmed last month.. I heard from my dad tonight who saw the commercial when fast forwarding through commercials randomly on Tivo. I went over and sure enough, there it was. After my brother saw it he realized he had actually seen the commercial a couple times already this weekend without realizing it was mine.

The spot is pretty much as I described it. I do indeed have my line. "Mornin." My shining moment. The voice over makes a little more sense. After my neighbor brings his grill to the driveway and sprays it down the voice over is:

"Isn't it nice to see when someone's got their priorities straight? We do at Burger King. So we cook every original Whopper to fire grilled perfection for $1.99. C'mon over. The fire's ready."

"The fire's ready" appears to be Burger King's new slogan and as far as I know this is the first commercial that uses it. So, from now on, if you happen to see this commercial, please do me a favor and jot down when (date and time), where (what city you live in) and how (what channel (not the number, the name of the channel [ie., NBC, CNN, MTV] and the name of the show on that channel) and send it to me in an email, please.

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