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Thursday, May 31, 2001

Here we go again. Another year, another round of Tony predictions. What follows are my predictions for who will win this Sunday's Tony Awards. Nominees in green are my predicted winners. Nominees in purple are my predicted runners up/spoilers. [more]

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Well, today seems like it's gonna be better than yesterday. It's still a furnace outside but slightly cooler here in the office with some air conditioning. Today is also Guy's birthday. One year ago I designed the SoftDevices mascot and Guy was born. We celebrate today with donuts, Guy's favorite junk food. (Guy is the guy on the bottom left hand corner of all SoftDevices website pages.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2001

Did I mention it's about 117 degrees right now?

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Dental work sucks. Half a mouth numb sucks. Pain sucks. Today sucks. I really should stop saying the word "sucks." That's all for now.

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Sunday, May 27, 2001

I just got back from seeing Dirty Blonde with my parents. I hadn't planned on seeing the show again so soon after seeing the opening night of the West Coast premiere with my friend Donna who is understudying Claudia Shear's lead role. I hadn't planned on seeing the show until yesterday evening when I heard from Donna that she had just been told she would be going on for Claudia in less than 24 hours, the first time she'd ever been on. Donna was amazing, such a joy to see her command that stage from the start. I had seen the show here in San Francisco and first on Broadway back in October but tonight's was honestly my favorite of the three. I was so proud of Donna and had a grin from ear to ear from the house going to dark to Donna's third bow. And, of course, Bob was as wonderful as always.A few audience members behind me whispered to each other before the show that they would be seeing the "original Broadway cast." They opened their programs and out came the insert explaining that at this performance the role of Jo/Mae would be played by Donna. "I paid to see Claudia, not this Donna person" they said. An hour and a half later, looking back at their faces I could see that they were no longer upset at the change in casting. I loved Claudia's performance. She was quite pleasant when I met her at the opening night party. But Donna's my favorite. And I'm not biased at all! ;-)Congrats to Donna! I can't wait to see it with her again! Here's hopin'!

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Thursday, May 24, 2001

Last night JessaJune, Kristin, and Dinah came over to watch videos, see the wall, etc. We sped through Myths and Him, Laughter on the 23rd Floor and Charley's Aunt, and the begining of Assassins. Today, we launched ReviewMeTM... check it out!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Several people have questioned the circumstances of possible legal ramifications in the "Kaycee" case. Some suggested legal charges that could come to light include: mail fraud, "identity theft," libel, misappropriation, defamation, possible computer crimes, violation of copyrights...

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MSNBC just started reporting the story...

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This is a pretty good article on what happened in the Kaycee saga. A FAQ is also under construction.

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Monday, May 21, 2001

News is breaking hard on the Kaycee fraud story. This should hit major news media shortly. Wow. The first press I've seen, which is much tamer than what's probably to come, is from

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In the first five hours of publishing the Brills Content cover parody, it was viewed over 1,800 times: one new impression every 10 seconds for five hours straight. The link was posted to a major web design mailing list, the front page of, and countless other blogs, sites, etc.

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Brills Cover

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Sunday, May 20, 2001

So, in the end, it appears Kaycee was fictional all along.

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Chaplin has begun to appear on my wall. He looks good.

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Thursday, May 17, 2001

I worked a cash register for the first time tonight. I think that officially makes me a man. I'm not sure. ComedySportz is having their West Coast tournament this weekend and needed some help minding the store so tonight and tomorrow night I'm helping out and watching the shows. And working the cash machine.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Allow me to think "out loud" for a moment...It seems to me committing murder is a pretty immature action. For the sake of argument I'll play along with a large portion of the country that suggests to commit murder is to take part in "adult activity." Why is it that these people suggest that when a child commits murder, an adult activity, they should therefore be adult enough to stand trial and be punished as an adult? By the same token, shouldn't we grant children, who show similar signs of being mature enough to handle adult activity, the right to drive cars, vote, and drink alcohol? I'm not suggesting that we should arbitrarily allow those who show signs of being an adult the latitude to pick and choose their responsibilities. We live in a country where the black and white definition of the difference between child and adult is their eighteenth year of life. We've got to have this arbitrary definition for the very reason that to do otherwise could prematurely turn a 14 year old murderer into a card carrying adult. On the other hand, we do grant adult membership, with restrictions, to 14 year old murderers. What do you think?

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Rest in peace, Mrs. Landingham. Long live The West Wing.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Scott and Dasha came over this evening. Scott got a lot of work done around here. I've now got my TVs in my office and bedroom up and running. I also began putting Laurel and Hardy up on my mural. :)

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Six months ago I wondered where I'd be in another six months. At that point, I was still living in a rental house and had just begun the search for purchasing a home. Six months prior, one year ago today, I began working full-time as SoftDevices' Creative Wizard (aka graphic designer, plus...).Two years ago today I was just a couple weeks away from moving north to Sata Rosa for three months of summer stockThree years ago today I was in some sort of college relationship drama. I was good at that.In related news, I turn 24 in six weeks. Time to start preparing. ;-)So, I ask once again, where will I be in six months? A year? Five? How about you?

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Monday, May 14, 2001

Just got back from the seventh of ten workshops at ComedySportz and because of Monday from 7:30-9:30pm, Monday continues to be my favorite day of the week. I'm hoping to be able to sign up for the second of three workshops levels soon so that I don't have to miss too many weeks where I get to let out some of this performer that is aching to get out Tuesday through Sunday!

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I've wanted to be able to draw on my walls for years. And now I can.I began the project this weekend:



The two images up so far are:

There's still quite a bit more work to do on the current drawings on the wall already. Then I'll add more. It's fun drawing on walls. You should draw on yours or at least invite me to draw on them instead!

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Thursday, May 10, 2001

Ha! This production of The Music Man, in July, features William Katt (Broadway's Pippin and television's The Greatest American Hero) as Harold Hill and Sonja Christopher (first castaway voted off of Survivor I) as Mrs. Paroo!

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Happy birthday, mom!

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Monday, May 7, 2001

Ever wonder what life looked like a hundred years ago? It sometimes strikes me as odd that the world was as colorful then as it is now with the abundance of grainy black and white documentation of life in the past. Sure, we lived in color then as we do now but with the constant black and white historical photographs we're used to these days it's sometimes difficult to think otherwise.Until this. These are historical photographs taken nearly 100 years ago with a series of cameras capturing different colors. Put the images together and you get full color photographs of a long time ago. I find it amazing that these photographs look as if they could have been taken today and yet they were taken from a time in which all I've ever seen or thought possible was black and white. Also of related interest are the World War II color photographs...

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bear_skate (15k image)
This image needs no additional commentary from me.

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This weekend I finally saw Floyd Collins with Dax who came up for the weekend. In the production was a friend of ours, Nick Sarando. I'm so glad I got a chance to see this show live as I've really liked the cast recording that I've had for years. That said, I spent a good portion of watching the production daydreaming and wishing that I was putting up a show of my own. The theatre was beautiful and much of my thinking was recasting the Floyd cast into the productions I plan on directing, figuring out how I'd like these shows designed in conjunction with the space, etc. This merely confirms how much I'm itching to get this all under way. Itchinng, I tell you.!did ouy wonk em tel neht dna ti ees oG .ti tuoba elbissop elttil sa gniwonk mlif eht otni og ot tseb ruoy oD .ti gniyalp ertaeht a dnif dna rovaf a flesruoy od esaelp eivom siht nees tey t'nevah uoy fI .woW .ylimE htiw, dnekeew siht otnemeM mlif eht was osla I

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This year I predicted correctly 75% of the Tony nominations with 70 out of 93 chosen correctly, 6 Spoilers suggested correctly, and just one misclassified correct nomination prediction in in Leading Actor/Feature Actor in Play results. I predicted six categories 100%, not including the Special Event category that simply awarded Blast (one of my predicted nominees) the award without any additional nominees.

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Saturday, May 5, 2001

I didn't know him. Well, I did. We never met but we would exchange emails every once in a while. I designed some stuff for him every once in a while when he needed it. He graduated from San Jose State in Theatre Arts and we had mutual friends, teachers and the like through that connection. He was living in New York City and travelling in shows, etc. We talked several years ago via email about Eliza Chugg, a dear friend of the SJSU theatre department, who had just passed away. I had been letting people know of the news who might not have heard. His response was "I'm glad to see you are helping to spread the news of this tragedy. She is missed, indeed."About a week ago I received an email from him that he had sent out to all his friends and relatives saying that he was in the hospital but he seemed to be in great spirits and insisted that things were getting better and he would soon be back on his feet.A few minutes ago I got an email sent out to all of his friends and relatives again. Only this time it was written by his brother. Robert Allan Prentice passed away on Sunday, April 29 of a cerebral hemorrhage. If you knew Robert and would like additional information about upcoming celebrations of his life in New York City and San Jose, California, please email me privately.He will be missed, indeed.

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Friday, May 4, 2001

I've eaten a pack of gum today.

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This year's Tony nominations are announced on Monday morning and so my annual Tony nomination predictions follow. Few of these predictions are very dangerously chosen and my choices don't reflect, neccesarily, who should be nominated but who I believe will. [more]

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Thursday, May 3, 2001

Hey, look, it's my cousin! I haven't seen her in over 15 years, I think. I'll get to see her again when my family all meets up in St. Louis next month for my grandparent's anniversary. Seeing that website with her all grown up somehow makes me feel more grown up myself.

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I just got an IM from someone who said he was searching the internet for people with the same last name as his. It turns out his name is Andy Bakalor and his father is my dad's first cousin. Not many people with my last name in this world who I don't know. Odd to meet one like that! :)

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Wednesday, May 2, 2001

I just received spam, addressed to, hawking "Nature's Only True Aphrodisiac." This is almost as funny as the spam I received earlier in the day addressed to which read, "We have cameras in every bathroom, shower and bedroom of seven tight assed freshman sorority girls."

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Tuesday, May 1, 2001

Scott came over tonight and began working through his to-do list of chores here at my place. Tonight he wired Tivo through the VCR correctly so I can finally get the about 20 hours of saved television I've been storing up since mid January onto VHS tapes. He also wired all of the surround sound speakers and configured everything so that I can finally take advantage of all of the hardware I stocked up on just after moving in. So now you can all come over and I can entertain like I've never entertained before...

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